The Company

Like the beginning of most successful business stories, the birth of Shivala Global Limited started with a dream. In 2013 our founder  dreamt of creating a world class garment company which would be grounded on the principle of excellence. Since then the company has flourished to become a name recognized and respected not only for the superior quality of its products, but also for its strong values.


Our ability to learn continuously has given us the flexibility and the nimbleness that is required for growth in changing and challenging times. The company can today boast of an ever growing international client base for its entire range of products.


The business model of the company has been depicted as follows:-


• The company is engaged in trading of fabric/Garments and other fashion accessories which are order backed.  


• On the receipt of order, the company places order with its suppliers located in China India and other Asian countries. 


• The delivery to the customer happens directly from the supplier’s location and thus obviates the need for inventory holding and helps in saving the holding cost. Average time for the supplier to supply the goods remains to be 30 days. Since the procurement is order based as per the company’s requirement, it require LC in favour of supplier or TR facility from bank.  


• Fabrics are sold to the customers on 110-120 days credit period. The company acts as an intermediary and provides the credit assistance to its customers as it buys on cashand sells it on credit.  


• In order to maintain the quality of the goods procured, we have formalised procurement teams placed in China, India and Hongkong. These teams ensures the goods are as per the specifications and also ensure the packaging of the same for exports to the customer. 


• Similarly, we have formalised buying agents at Hong Kong and Dubai, who identify the potential customers for the company. The company buys 100% of goods either under LC or TR which enables them to procure the goods at competitive rates. The benefit is passed on to the customer so as to boost the sales.  



A critical pillar in supporting any organization is the team which forms its core. The company has always believed in nurturing and retaining top talent. Our employees are encouraged to participate actively in decision making which in turn ensures continuous learning. Today, we are proud to be backed by a team of proficient individuals who have the requisite skills, knowledge and experience to perform effectively and efficiently.



Quality Assurance

Delivering outstanding quality products is the way of life at SGL. Quality improvements at SGL are primarily customer driven. Quality Assurance department constantly listen to customers with a view of exceeding their expectations & finding areas for improvement.